The Art Of Communication

Author and former presidential writer James Humes said the art of communication is the language of leadership. This statement is especially true within an organization. From the CEO to team leaders to individual contributors, the smooth running of an organization comes down to effective communication. By ensuring easy communication, we ensure efficiency, and this ultimately conserves money for the organization.

Here are more reasons to instill good communication:

  1. For a cooperative atmosphere that encourages both individual contributors and teamwork, it is important for everyone to be on the same page. Organizations need to have a common vision, and it must be known to all employees. With strong communication, that vision can spread to everyone. Written communication is vital since it serves as a more permanent reference to rules and information.

  2. A thriving business needs to be fueled by creativity. Ideating, brainstorming, and creativity cannot take place without strong communication. Great communication takes place both ways, and ensures that all voices are heard. Many employees have ideas on improving the organization’s business model and services, and it is important to listen to them and consider their ideas.

  3. Communicating with customers is every bit as important as communication within the workplace. With the advent of the internet, today there are many options for keeping in touch with clients. Periodic communication  with your customer base will bring your company much closer with customers, and even help you understand how they experience your products or services. Great customer service is a commonality with successful companies. For various reasons, customers are not always satisfied with their service. However, if you are able to communicate your concern for their satisfaction, you can turn any situation into a positive experience.

An organization can become more innovative overnight just by working together to be good communicators. On the other hand, a business will waste money while struggling to mend the effects of bad communication. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential for every company to stress on communication.

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