How To Make Communication Creative​

Frequently, when people struggle with writing articles or preparing for an important presentation, they devote most of their time to gathering information and content. This is a common mistake, especially when your topic is statistic-heavy and data-driven. 

Research has shown that it is not what you say, it is how you say it that make up an
effective communication.

In order to have a lasting impact on your audience, it is crucial to capture their attention with more than just mere information and statistics. It must be done by communicating creatively. 

But what does it mean to communicate creatively? By focusing on the below parameters, you can capture your audience until the very end. 

Know your audience. When it comes to articles and written communication, it is important to keep in mind the readers you are targeting. Who are they, and how does this topic relate to them? How does this information or product help them? In this way, appeal to your readers by learning all their use-cases. 

An effective article does not simply express information and the author’s feelings; instead, it generates feelings in the reader. Even an article about plain garden tools can engage your reader’s emotions if done right!

Show, don’t tell. Visual sentences are those which are blooming with examples, similes and metaphors. The use of literary tools cannot be overstated while writing fiction and non-fiction. It can make a sentence come alive and trigger the reader’s imagination. Now the article isn’t just a dull exercise in gaining information to them. 

For example, you want to let your audience know that the handbags you sell have 90% positive reviews. But this is a dull way to begin. Instead, you could open with an enthusiastic review from a customer, and why they prefer it to other handbags before you provide the statistics. 

The importance of structure. You must build an essay like you would build a home — by focusing on structure and layout, so that your audience can navigate through it easily. Every sentence and paragraph must flow into the next, and must give context to what follows it. Additionally, the best written pieces have a strong introduction that captivates the reader, and an impactful ending that lingers in the reader’s mind even after they have moved on. 

Pictures can be an oasis during long essays.

The way people consume information is changing rapidly today. With the increased use of social media, attention spans are shortening. Heavily-worded articles are becoming rare. Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words today, so use relevant pictures as liberally as possible in long articles.

Remember, creativity has no bounds. The above points are useful while crafting your communication, but there is no exhaustive list of processes when it comes to creative writing. So unleash your imagination and see where it takes you!

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